English 9/10

In this course, students will be honing the skills needed to be successful as juniors and seniors. We cover proper grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and word choice, and how to adequately get a point across in writing. Students will also learn how to analyze literature to gain a deeper understanding and connection with what they are reading. Students will also be taught to think critically about what they read, what they hear, and how they communicate with one another. This course is unique every year as student needs and input is always sought to ensure all students grow and have success.

English Skills

This is a wonderful selection for juniors and seniors who want to experience a little bit of everything. This class covers the practical aspects of English needed to be successful in a work and/or college environment. Students learn how to engage with news articles, how to determine if someone or something is using manipulative logic, how to get a job with a proper resume and cover letter, how to write that tough email to a boss, and many other skills needed to be taken seriously in the workplace.

Fantastic Fantasy

This is a new course at Wright Academy which dives into the world of fantasy. Students will be engaging with and analyzing fantasy stories, studying the history of the fantasy genre, creating and writing their own fantasy worlds, characters, creatures, stories, and learning how to work with a team to improve their writing. At the end of the course students will have their own guidebook to a world they created. This guidebook will have original art (done by them), beautifully written descriptions of their world, and will be full of stories all inspired by their own imagination.

Cooking Through Literature

This is a new course at Wright Academy which combines two forms of storytelling: literature and cooking. In this course, students will learn how cooking is the embodiment of emotions, memories, and cultures for many people. Students will learn how to analyze other people’s stories and how to tell their own. Of course, with any cooking class comes the skills needed to make delicious meals and follow safety and commonsense in a kitchen. The culmination of this course is a student-made cookbook which will be full of recipes inspired by other’s stories and recipes inspired by their own.

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