Social Studies

Social Studies

U.S. History

From the first colony in Jamestown to the 21st century, we will be exploring the political, economic, social, religious, military, scientific, and cultural events necessary to understanding the rise and growth of the United States. We will examine our nation's history from multiple diverse perspectives and focus on the heroes who have contributed to creating a more perfect union. You will leave this class with skills of analysis, communication, critical thinking and the content knowledge and context of our nation to become more informed citizens.

World Studies

This course will blend elements of both history and geography to give you a better understanding of the story of humanity and our interaction with the world around us. This course will span from Prehistory until the 21 Century; we will be examining civilizations from every continent and the cultural legacy they have left behind, while also looking at geographical characteristics and how the environment plays a role in human societies. You will leave this class with the ability to make sense of maps, graphs and charts, skills of analysis, communication, critical thinking, and the content knowledge necessary to become locally focused, but internationally minded.


Students will learn and be able to use economic thinking, problem solving, and logic in solving business problems and analyzing current topics. This course emphasizes the role of free markets in determining economic well-being and decision making, while examining how other economic systems answer the economic questions. Students will learn the fundamentals of microeconomics including supply, demand, and pricing along with the basics of macroeconomics: Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Money, Supply, and the role of government in maintaining, stabilizing and growing an economy.

U.S. Government

The focus of this course is the U.S. National Government and politics. It will emphasize the foundational documents, the institutions, and political forces that have shaped the U.S. National Government and examine the behavior of individuals in the American political system and the forces that influence decision-making in U.S. politics (such as political parties, interest groups, and the media.) This course enables the student to understand the functions of the U.S. National Government and how citizens can access the decision-making process. Students will gain a fuller understanding of the American political system.

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